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10 Best Print Marketing Materials to Boost Sales

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In our ever-evolving digital realm, it’s easy to assume that print marketing has been overshadowed. However, that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. The allure of print still captivates brands, reminding them of its remarkable ability to captivate and excite consumers. Even the most esteemed multi-location brands leverage the power of print, utilizing mediums like direct mail, billboards, and good old newspaper ads to foster local engagement and drive sales.

According to Larry Myler, a contributor at Forbes, marketers today have an abundance of tools at their disposal. Whether they opt for a purely digital approach or combine traditional and digital tactics, the key lies in thinking like their customers. Understanding how target markets access information and consume content is of paramount importance.

Let’s take a moment to explore the inspiring story of Gerrit Curran and Emily Wessner, who recently opened a Jersey Mike’s Subs in Muhlenberg Township, Pennsylvania. These franchisees relied heavily on a meticulously crafted print marketing campaign to attract customers to their new store. Print became their primary channel for reaching out to the community. They diligently distributed a whopping 7,500 sandwich coupons throughout the town, enticing visitors with the promise of a delectable free treat. But it didn’t stop there—their promotion went above and beyond. It encouraged patrons to donate money to the Muhlenberg Township Athletic Association, raising a remarkable $15,000 in funds. Now that’s what we call exceptional local marketing!

So, what can we learn from Curran and Wessner’s triumph? Their success demonstrates that print marketing, when executed with a well-defined strategy, can attract even larger audiences than its digital counterparts. Surprisingly, a staggering 92 percent of shoppers express a preference for print when making purchasing decisions. This begs the question: What makes print marketing such a potent force?

Jon Smith, a Marketing Manager at instantprint, sheds light on this matter. He explains that print endures while digital marketing messages are swiftly consumed and forgotten in the fast-paced online world. Imagine handing someone a tangible flyer or leaflet—they can take it home, peruse it at their leisure, and revisit it whenever they please. The longevity of print materials offers a unique advantage that digital platforms can’t replicate.

1. Catalogs

Catalogs are powerful marketing materials that can significantly boost your sales. Adding catalogs to your marketing efforts has shown a 15% lift in sales for many companies. Moreover, approximately 77% of catalog recipients visit the brand’s retail store or website.

Catalogs allow you to highlight your most profitable items and have a higher retention rate compared to websites. Keeping catalogs for a long period increases brand exposure and the likelihood of a reader making a purchase.

2. Business Cards

Business cards play a crucial role in presenting your brand professionally and building trust. Providing your team with quality business cards can increase your sales by 2.5%.

Business cards ensure potential and returning customers have your information readily available and help establish brand awareness and customer relationships. Always keep your business cards up to date to ensure your team is prepared to make a lasting impression.

3. Postcards

Postcards are versatile and cost-effective printed marketing materials, ideal for direct mail campaigns. A remarkable 73% of consumers prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail, and direct mail recipients tend to spend 28% more than those who don’t receive such mail.

Creating attention-grabbing postcards allows you to reach your target audience effectively. Leveraging direct mail marketing services and personalizing your messages can maximize your return on investment.

4. Letterhead & Envelopes

Branded stationery, including custom letterhead and envelopes, gives your marketing collateral a sense of legitimacy. Using quality paper and incorporating your full-color logo showcases attention to detail and professionalism.

A custom letterhead reflecting your brand accurately is a powerful tool for persuading customers to choose your product or service over your competitors. Branded stationery impresses customers, making your brand stand out and leaving a lasting impression.

5. Promotional Products

Promotional products, such as branded mugs, pens, apparel, and eco-friendly tote bags, have long-term exposure, making them effective marketing materials.

Distributing branded promotional products at tradeshows, events, or to customers who meet specific criteria helps build strong connections and keeps your brand top of mind. People enjoy receiving freebies, and by providing them with branded merchandise, you ensure continuous brand exposure.

6. Presentation Folders

Presentation folders are essential for organizing and presenting marketing materials effectively. Rather than handing your customers or prospects a stack of papers, use custom presentation folders to keep documents organized, undamaged, and easily accessible.

You can strengthen brand awareness and create a lasting impression by including your logo and brand elements. Presentation folders can be used for training materials at conferences, client meetings, or within your organization.

7. Birthday Cards

Sending birthday cards to your audience is an excellent way to increase sales while building better brand awareness and customer loyalty. Automating birthday mailings ensures that each month, individuals receive personalized birthday cards.

Adding personalization, such as including recipients’ names, can significantly increase response rates. Including a special gift like a discount code or free offer adds an extra touch, making your audience feel appreciated and more likely to make a purchase.

8. Advertising Signs

Advertising signs, including banners, wall decals, window clings, and yard signs, draw attention to your message and brand. These marketing materials deliver valuable information to anyone passing by, effectively increasing your sales.

Combining multiple types of advertising signs can maximize exposure and drive people to take action. For example, using a feather flag near the road, window clings on storefront windows, and posters and ceiling danglers inside your store can create a compelling promotional campaign.

9. Company Brochures

Brochures provide detailed information about your company’s products and services. They are effective marketing materials for engaging in-depth conversations with potential partners or customers, even in time-constrained situations like trade shows.

Brochures serve as location-specific marketing materials like park maps, event guides, or informational pamphlets. They efficiently communicate contextual information, helping clients feel informed and confident throughout their purchasing journey.

10. Thank You Cards

Sending thank you cards is a powerful way to show appreciation to your customers, building strong relationships and increasing sales. Expressing gratitude in tangible print form creates a lasting impression.

Thank you cards can be used for various purposes beyond post-meeting follow-ups, such as encouraging repeat business, thanking donors, or sending holiday greetings. Ensure your greeting cards stand out by incorporating unique designs and personalization to maximize their impact.


Incorporating print marketing materials into your overall marketing strategy can significantly boost your sales. From catalogs and business cards to postcards and presentation folders, each material serves a specific purpose in delivering your message and building customer relationships.

Promotional products, advertising signs, brochures, birthday cards, and thank you cards can further enhance your sales efforts. By selecting the right print marketing materials and leveraging the expertise of a trusted print company, you can increase your sales, improve ROI, and meet your business goals effectively.

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