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Best Locations for Custom Promotional Stickers

The primary goal of promotional stickers is to enhance visibility and awareness of a company, brand, organization, belief, cause, and so on. To achieve this, it is crucial that people actually see the stickers. One effective method of sticker distribution is the “Place and Promote” approach, which entails placing promotional stickers in locations under your control or ownership.

Placing Stickers in Controlled Locations

The advantage of the “Place and Promote” distribution method is that it demands minimal effort. It can be thought of as the “low-hanging fruit” of sticker distribution. There is no need to actively search for people to hand out stickers or invest time and resources in creating incentives to encourage others to display them. Instead, this method involves utilizing spaces you control or own to present your message or information to customers or potential clients.

While it may be tempting to place promotional stickers anywhere, such as walls, signs, or lampposts, this can often involve ethical or vandalism concerns. It is crucial to consider legal and responsible locations to “Place and Promote” your stickers (and brand):

  1. Boxes/Packaging For businesses involved in e-commerce, incorporating custom roll labels on boxes is essential. Instead of sending products in plain brown boxes, take a few seconds to apply your promotional stickers. This ensures that recipients instantly recognize the sender, and it exposes your brand to everyone handling the package during transit. Consider Amazon’s “smile on the box” strategy – each shipped box presents another opportunity for brand exposure.
  2. On Products Sold Companies selling or servicing products can leave their mark (custom sticker) on the items they handle. This not only promotes the business but also demonstrates pride in their work. Many industries follow this practice, with automobile dealers being a prime example. Car dealers often place their logo sticker or decal on the back of every vehicle they sell, which most buyers accept without question.
  3. Company Vehicles Promotional stickers on vehicles, such as bumper stickers, are highly effective as vehicles are constantly on the move. This ensures that new individuals see the sticker daily. While wrapping company vehicles with the logo is common, using stickers is also a great option. Encourage employees to display promotional stickers on their personal vehicles – while it cannot be mandated, it doesn’t hurt to ask.
  4. Physical Real Estate Promotional stickers can also be placed on actual real estate properties. Most signage today is comprised of custom decals and stickers, so incorporating your logo within your property’s signage can strengthen your brand.
  5. Personal Items Encourage employees, friends, and family members to place stickers on personal items such as water bottles, laptops, bikes, sports equipment, and helmets. Design custom promotional stickers that fans would be proud to display, showcasing their support for an organization, product, philosophy, or image.

Having a volunteer sales force that spreads your brand and message as part of their daily lives makes marketing more effective and valuable. Promotional stickers facilitate this process, making it easier for your brand to gain exposure and reach a wider audience.