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Beyond the Bumper: Why Flag Stickers Still Matter in Today’s Political Climate

A surge of patriotism engulfed the country after the September 11th attacks, and along with it came a tidal wave of American flag stickers and decals. The phenomenon was unavoidable, with nearly everyone sporting a flag sticker on their car and the American flag visible at every turn. In just three months, one manufacturer produced over 31 million flag stickers. However, the lifespan of a typical vinyl flag sticker is only 3-5 years, meaning that many of those stickers are now gone.

Since 2005, wholesale orders for flag stickers have been steadily declining. Some have even taken down their flags due to recent discussions surrounding racial justice and politics. As people re-evaluate what the flag symbolizes to them, it seems that the flag has been weaponized and now represents conservatism instead of its true meaning. Unfortunately, what should be a unifying symbol has temporarily taken on a negative connotation for some. But shouldn’t we reclaim it for its true purpose? Regardless of race or political affiliation, displaying a flag sticker can bring unity back to the country as we work through deep national division.

While there is typically a yearly increase in sales before Flag Day and July 4th, as well as during the start of the Iraq War in 2003, the overall trend in production and sales has been on the decline. However, we can work to change that. Let’s not limit displaying the flag and showing support for our country to just holidays or the start of a war. The American flag represents the union of the original 13 colonies and the 50 states of the union, with the colors symbolizing hardiness and valor, purity and innocence, and vigilance, perseverance, and justice.

Flag stickers are a fantastic way to show pride in our country and can be used as an inexpensive giveaway item for businesses or as a fundraising product for organizations. These decals can be placed on anything from cars to equipment and toolboxes. As a distributor of American flag decals as well as custom stickers, labels, and magnets, Printiverse is eager to help bring the flag back onto bumpers across the country. Let’s celebrate our nation every day by proudly displaying the American flag.