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Business Card Stickers | Why You Should Use Them

Who doesn’t need a business card, right? But let’s be honest, the traditional, paper stock card is not exactly eye-catching. It’s just another copycat card, buried in a pile with everyone else’s. So why not shake things up with something unique, memorable, and effective? Enter business card stickers with back printing – a great idea for making a lasting impression.

But we’re not talking about those boring magnetic cards that only stick to fridges and file cabinets. We’re talking about sticker cards that take all the best qualities of other unique business card ideas and add a new feature – a detachable promotional sticker that can go beyond the initial recipient. These cards can be a game-changer for your marketing efforts, and here’s why.

First, they’re unique. Business card stickers stand out from the crowd and give a professional yet creative touch to your branding. Second, they have longevity. Since they’re perceived as more of a premium product, people are less likely to toss them in the trash. Plus, custom stickers ensure that your logo and information remain visible and accessible for longer.

But sticker cards strike a balance between being unique and practical. They still maintain the size and thickness of traditional cards, so they can be stored in a wallet just like any other card. That’s not the case with edible cards, seed packets, or other interesting shapes that can’t be stored with traditional cards.

In fact, sticker cards are more than just a business card – they’re a fun gift or badge. If you’ve done your job well, people will be proud to show off their affiliation with your product or service. And the front vinyl portion of the card can be a separate removable outdoor quality sticker with words of wisdom, helpful tips, or something humorous that people will love.

But here’s the kicker – sticker cards are like mini-billboards for your business. They can make branded impressions to a much wider market than traditional cards can. And since they’re removable, people can place them on laptops, water bottles, helmets, cars, and more – encouraging word of mouth and turning a static card into a social marketing medium.

There are, of course, many design considerations to keep in mind when creating your sticker cards. You can use die-cutting to create unique shapes, and back printing can cover multiple employees, coupons, QR codes, or other important information. With a little creativity, sticker business cards can take your marketing efforts to the next level.