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Best Locations for Custom Promotional Stickers

The primary goal of promotional stickers is to enhance visibility and awareness of a company, brand, organization, belief, cause, and so on. To achieve this, it is crucial that people actually see the stickers. One effective method of sticker distribution is the “Place and Promote” approach, which entails placing promotional stickers in locations under your […]

Maximizing Your Print Marketing Strategy with Stickers

The Ongoing Relevance of Print Marketing Despite the rise of digital marketing, print marketing materials remain a crucial part of any successful marketing strategy. Print materials, such as mailers, brochures, posters, signage, and business cards, help generate awareness, build a brand, and drive visitors to online properties. Among these materials, stickers hold a unique place […]

Sticky Marketing to Attract New Customers

Effective marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, it can be boiled down to just three simple steps. We like to call this marketing style “Group Hug Marketing,” and it’s all about building better communication and relationships with your customers. By following these three steps, you can create a cycle of ongoing success that […]

How to Copyright Your Sticker Idea

Wow, you’ve got a great sticker idea! It’s always exciting to come up with something original and creative, but the question is, how do you protect it? Many people are hesitant to share their ideas for fear of them being stolen, but in most cases, there’s no need to worry. Let’s explore some ways to […]

Stickers Make a Great Marketing Tool

Stickers have been around for decades helping politicians get elected, building companies, establishing brands, advertising, promoting events, starting conversations and increasing exposure. Yet despite being visual, memorable, long-lasting, and having a low cost per impression, not enough attention has been paid by marketers and businesses to the power of this sticky marketing tool. Here are […]