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Custom Labels

Get your business logo into more hands, with personalized labels and branded packaging for your products.

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Build Your Brand With Custom Packaging & Labels

Crafting an indelible impression is never just about the product – it’s about the entire experience. Enhance the power of branding with Printiverse’s personalized label stickers, creating a seamless, professional look across your entire product line. Welcome to a world where every packaging is a canvas, every sticker is a statement.

Dip into our ocean of templates, intuitively designed to enable you to style distinct product labels, clothes tags, and more, even if you’ve never dabbled in design. Opt for round or angular, small or large, or any shape in between. Splash your logo across your choice, mix in images, sprinkle some text, and voilà – a head-turning look, all yours.

From kid’s school labels, perfect to ensure that Bob’s water bottle doesn’t end up with Tim, to custom mailer boxes, which add a sprinkle of your creativity to each shipment – choose what resonates with your brand’s personality. You can either play with our designs or upload your very own – the canvas is all yours.

No matter the size of your business or the specifics of your needs, we’ve got you covered with an array of high-grade label sticker printing choices. Tantalizing templates will seduce the eye and capture attention. Need a spark of inspiration? Visit our blog – your muse awaits.

With Printiverse, your label stickers are more than just labels – they’re your brand’s voice, your unique signature. Let us help you shout it from the rooftops. Or, more accurately, from every package.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can pick from our white paper, clear plastic, or the classic gold and silver foil. For those wanting to add a dash of sparkle, we offer holographic plastic and reusable electrostatic film options.

We have various options to fit your needs. All of our labels, excluding paper labels, are waterproof. Need custom labels or stickers that can endure the elements? We recommend our waterproof labels with a laminate finish for added durability, the stalwarts of label sticker printing.

Troubled by peeling labels or sticker bubbles? Check out our handy guides on applying label stickers to ensure they remain smooth and secure.

Not sure where to stick ’em? Check out our blog. We’ll guide you on the most common packaging products to adorn with labels and stickers.

  1. Submit your artwork, making sure it fits within the designated safe zones.
  2. Once your order is placed, our design team will inspect your submission for print readiness.
  3. Minor adjustments might be made to the bleed and safe margin for optimal printing. If more extensive edits are needed, we’ll inform you about the necessary modifications.

Of course! We offer a complimentary digital preview, letting you visualize how your labels will look, whether on a sheet or a roll.

Transform your brand’s image with the finest custom labels from our extensive selection. Whether you’re looking to elevate your product packaging or organize shipping boxes, our personalized sticker labels are the ideal solution for businesses and individuals alike. Crafted with high-quality label material, these labels not only enhance the presentation but offer extra durability for a variety of uses.

Our custom roll labels come in a myriad of shapes and sizes to perfectly fit your needs. From water-resistant stickers for water bottles to sleek labels for hot sauce jars, you can create custom labels that reflect your brand’s unique style. Add your own logo, and select the custom quantity you require—no order is too big or too small. Our label applicators make application a breeze on any surface, ensuring your labels are smoothly affixed, providing a professional look compatible with most label applicators.

The personalized labels in our library are printed on premium white film, which adds to their durability and gives them a clean, clear appearance. This material is specifically chosen for its ability to withstand the elements, resisting smudges that a permanent marker might leave behind, ensuring that your custom sticker labels look great for the long haul.

At our shop, you have the power to personalize your labels down to the last detail. From colors to materials, create a look that is uniquely yours. Our customized labels are not just durable—they are also designed to store compactly, making them easy to keep on hand for when you need them.

With fast printing time, your labels will be ready to ship in no time. We pride ourselves on the speed and quality of our work, ensuring that your labels are printed, shipped, and ready to apply in just a few days. Interested in a special format or have other details in mind? Our team of experts is ready to help you at every step. Just contact us with your request, and we’ll adjust the specifications to meet your exact needs.

We understand that each item is a showcase of your brand, which is why we offer a variety of materials and finishes to match the job at hand. Whether you’re labeling homemade oils, customizing laptops, or preparing for a special event, our labels are designed to stick and stay, from beginning to end.

For those concerned about the environment or storage space, our labels are compact and designed for easy dispensing. You’ll forget the hassle of hard-to-apply labels; our products are made for quick and easy use, saving you time and money.

When you’re ready to place your order, our website makes it easy to select the shape, type, and quantity of labels you need. Our ordering process is straightforward and designed for your satisfaction. And with low prices for great quality, you get the best value every time you buy.

Don’t just take our word for it—read the reviews from our happy customers across the country. See the difference high-quality, custom labels can make for your products or personal projects. Start creating your personalized labels today and experience the ease and quality that all our products offer.

Ready to begin? Click to order, and let’s bring your custom stickers to life. If you have any questions or need assistance, our team is just an email away. We’re here to help you make the most out of every label.

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