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How to Put Your Instagram on a Business Card

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When building brand awareness, one aspect stands as an undeniable truth: businesses must establish a robust social media presence. Establishing trust with consumers is paramount, and among the array of social media platforms, Instagram continues to assert its dominance as a potent tool in the realm of social media marketing. Its ability to attract potential customers, foster long-term relationships, and showcase industry expertise makes it an indispensable asset for any business.

Incorporating an Instagram icon and handle on your business cards offers a strategic avenue to drive prospects and leads towards your social profiles, ultimately bolstering revenue generation. However, from a design perspective, determining the optimal way to present social media information poses a crucial question.

This article aims to provide insights into effectively displaying Instagram information on business cards, examining various formats that align with your brand, while drawing inspiration from exceptional designs crafted by talented professionals worldwide.

The Most Effective Approaches for Displaying Instagram on Business Cards

By analyzing a vast array of business cards incorporating social media information, we have identified the following prevailing methods utilized by designers to showcase Instagram details:

Most Common

  • @handle@inkandmain: 50% prevalence
  • Icon + usernameicon inkandmain: 23% prevalence

Alternative Approaches

  • Instagram: @handleInstagram: @inkandmain

These findings demonstrate that a significant majority of designers favor a straightforward approach, opting to display Instagram information solely through the utilization of the @handle.

Mastering Instagram Elements: Empowering Your Business Card Design

To better grasp the available Instagram elements for your business card design, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with key terms that encompass the essence of Instagram. These elements include the Instagram logo, handle, username, URL, profile name, and nametag.

  • Instagram Logo (Icon): When combined with other social media information, the Instagram logo becomes an instantly recognizable symbol. Its visual impact serves as a clear indicator of your online presence. Many popular business card designs seamlessly integrate the logo alongside a username, handle, URL, or profile name.
  • The Handle: A handle refers to the public name used on a social media platform, distinguished by the @ symbol followed by a unique username. Including your Instagram handle on your business card facilitates easy discovery and allows clients to effortlessly find and follow your account.
  • Username: Your username is the name associated with your account login. For Instagram, it aligns with your handle but excludes the @ symbol. It also appears at the end of your URL. Incorporating the Instagram logo on your business card allows for the inclusion of solely your username, promoting a concise design while maintaining its cohesive integrity.
  • URL: Although Instagram predominantly functions as a mobile app, access to the platform is also available through a browser. In such instances, the URL format follows By opting for the URL approach on your business card, individuals are directly guided to your profile without the need for name-based searches. However, including the entire URL may pose space limitations, and errors in typing the URL will render it non-functional. Consider utilizing a URL shortener, such as, for lengthy usernames to mitigate these challenges.
  • Profile Name: Your profile name, also known as your display name, enables users to locate you on Instagram. It can encompass your full name or the name of your business and appears on your public profile.

Showcase of Instagram on Business Cards

We have curated a selection of innovative examples that demonstrate how talented designers have seamlessly incorporated Instagram elements into their business card designs. Draw inspiration from these captivating works to craft a distinctive design that resonates with your brand identity.

The @Handle

The @handle remains a perennial favorite among designers for showcasing Instagram information on business cards. Its simplicity and minimalistic appeal contribute to a professional-looking link to your social media. However, it is important to recognize that not all recipients of business cards possess extensive technical expertise, and they may not readily associate the @handle solely with Instagram, as other platforms, such as Twitter, also utilize this symbol.

Icon + Username

An alternative approach involves displaying the Instagram username alongside the iconic Instagram logo. This method ensures immediate comprehension, as the logo serves as a universally recognizable symbol. However, maintaining consistency across various social media platforms may necessitate the inclusion of corresponding icons.


While less frequently employed, incorporating the Instagram URL presents an additional option. The benefit lies in the direct path it provides to your profile, bypassing the need for name-based searches. However, including the entire URL may present challenges in terms of space constraints. Additionally, typing errors can render the URL non-functional. Consider employing a URL shortener, such as, for lengthy usernames to mitigate these issues.

Other Inspiring Approaches to Instagram on Business Cards

Some designers choose to incorporate variations of the Instagram name to accentuate their social media presence. In this example, helmies used an icon with the handle, providing a clear identification of the Instagram username without the interference of competing social profiles.

Another condensed representation of the Instagram name, this design features a simple “i.” Its straightforward approach maintains consistency through the uniform usage of a single-letter abbreviation. Additionally, it maximizes space efficiency, making it particularly suitable for vertical business cards.

Why settle for a single element when you can incorporate them all? This creative example from ADM Studio emulates the appearance of a personal profile page, integrating all Instagram elements into a cohesive and captivating business card design.

A clean layout featuring instagram written out is an excellent fit for a minimalist design. In some cases, excessive icons or information may detract from the aesthetic appeal of a business card.

Image Source: Unifikat Design Studio designed these business cards for Wizu

Vibrant and eye-catching, this design ensures concise information presentation by placing the Instagram name alongside the profile handle for swift reference.

This card exudes vibrancy, with the username serving as a unifying element across all contact information, including email, Instagram, and web address. When your social media usernames align, adopting a concise business card design effectively conveys your brand message—remember, less is often more.

The Power of the Instagram Nametag

The Instagram nametag, akin to a QR code, empowers users to follow you by simply scanning an image with their smartphone camera. This powerful tool visually promotes your business and rapidly directs leads to your Instagram profile.

The Instagram nametag has gained considerable popularity in recent years. Its primary advantage lies in its ability to swiftly guide leads to your Instagram profile. Users who already possess an Instagram account can effortlessly start following you with a single scan.

However, it’s important to note that the nametag feature exclusively functions within the Instagram app’s camera, rendering it inaccessible to individuals without an account. Some designers choose to include instructions on how to scan a nametag code, catering to potential customers who may not be familiar with Instagram.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to showcasing Instagram on your business cards, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. It is crucial to carefully evaluate your options and select the approach that best aligns with your brand identity. Additionally, consider choosing the appropriate paper type and business card size to ensure your design is print-ready. Once your design is finalized, streamline the ordering process by selecting a reputable business card ordering portal such as Ink & Main.

For designers, business cards can serve as a powerful marketing tool, contributing not only to brand promotion but also to significant revenue growth for your business.

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