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When Were Sticker Invented? A History of Stickers

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Stickers, you see them everywhere. On cars, laptops, suitcases, or on the back of a mobile phone. These small pieces of adhesive paper have a lot more history than you might think. So, let’s take a journey through time and discover the story behind these versatile tools of expression.

The Ancient Beginnings of Stickers

Before you could buy and print stickers online, there was a time when stickers weren’t even stickers as we know them today. They were a simple means of communication and advertisement.

The Egyptian Market

It has been suggested that the Ancient Egyptians first used a primitive form of stickers to display the rates of their market goods. These were mere pieces of paper plastered on the walls of bustling markets. Imagine walking through an Egyptian bazaar, your eyes scanning not just the merchandise but the walls as well, laden with information.

Evolution of Stickers in the 19th Century

Fast forward to the 19th Century, and the world saw another important milestone in the history of stickers.

The Self-Adhesive Postage Stamp

Enter Sir Rowland Hill in 1839, the man often credited with introducing self-adhesive postage stamps to Europe. People could now send letters with greater ease, just by wetting the back of these stamps and sticking them to an envelope. The concept of ‘sticking’ was gaining momentum!

Modernization of Stickers: R. Stanton Avery

By the 20th Century, stickers as we know them today started to take shape, thanks to one creative mind.

The Invention of the Self-Adhesive Label

R. Stanton Avery, founder of the well-known Avery Labels, is considered by some to be the true inventor of the modern sticker. In 1935, he designed the first self-adhesive label, giving us the convenience of the stickers we enjoy today.

The Multiplicity of Stickers in Modern Life

From their ancient beginnings to their modern applications, stickers have come a long way. Today, they are ubiquitous, adding color and personality to our lives.

Colors, Shapes, and Uses

Now, we see stickers in an array of vibrant colors, different shapes, and a multitude of uses. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, there is a sticker for every purpose.

Print Your Own Stickers Online

With advancements in technology, creating your own personalized stickers has never been easier.

The Role of Ink & Main Technology

Thanks to companies like Ink & Main, you can create and print custom stickers online that truly represent your brand. They provide high-quality stickers at competitive prices, putting the power of expression and marketing right at your fingertips.

The Power of Stickers in Marketing

Stickers are no longer just tools for children’s play or office labels. Their utility has expanded and evolved, with companies realizing their power as dynamic marketing assets. The beauty of stickers lies in their adaptability, visibility, and expressiveness, which not only makes them popular among people of all ages but also effective marketing tools.

Stickers as Adaptable Tools

In the realm of marketing, adaptability is crucial. The capacity to adapt to different scenarios, target audiences, and marketing goals is what makes a marketing tool successful, and stickers excel in this aspect. Stickers are a marketer’s chameleon. You can design them to meet any specific marketing need.

Are you launching a new product? A well-designed sticker can create a buzz around it. Want to boost your brand visibility? Hand out free branded stickers that your audience can stick on their laptops, cars, or any other visible surfaces. This way, wherever your audience goes, so does your brand. From promoting an event to highlighting a social cause your brand supports, stickers can be adapted to fit seamlessly into any marketing strategy.

Stickers as Noticeable Tools

Stickers have an undeniable power to attract attention. Their unique designs, eye-catching colors, and strategic placements make them stand out, capturing the gaze of potential customers. Imagine a vibrant sticker on a laptop in a crowded coffee shop or a catchy bumper sticker in traffic. They instantly draw the eye, creating a mental imprint of your brand in the viewer’s mind. By simply being noticeable, stickers can increase brand recall, drive curiosity, and even prompt conversations around your brand.

Stickers as Expressive Tools

Stickers are not just promotional tools; they’re storytelling mediums. They provide brands with an opportunity to express their personality, values, and uniqueness in a tangible form. With the right design, color, and message, a sticker can encapsulate the essence of your brand and convey it to your audience in a fun and engaging way. For instance, a brand that stands for sustainability can use stickers made of eco-friendly materials and design them in a way that communicates their green ethos. Thus, stickers are more than just marketing tools; they’re brand ambassadors.

The Timeless Appeal of Stickers

The success of stickers as marketing tools is not just about their adaptability, visibility, and expressiveness. A significant factor that makes them so effective is their timeless appeal. From children who collect them for fun to adults who use them as decorations or identifiers, stickers are universally loved. Their versatility and their ability to invoke a sense of nostalgia and fun make them attractive to people across age groups. As such, they don’t just market your brand; they also build a positive and lasting association with it. So, whether you’re a start-up trying to create brand awareness or an established company looking to maintain customer loyalty, stickers could be the magic trick up your marketing sleeve.


Stickers have come a long way from their humble beginnings in Ancient Egyptian markets to being a potent marketing tool in today’s digital age. As we move forward, the possibilities for stickers are as limitless as our imagination.

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