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Disney Lorcana Sets the Stage: Tournaments to the 2025 World Championship

US and European championships will award invites to the global competition, while in-store set championships promise exclusive promo cards.

About Disney Lorcana:

  • Players: 2-6
  • Rules complexity: Low
  • Strategic depth: Medium
  • Publisher: Ravensburger

Lorcana players, prepare your inkwells! The Disney-owned trading card game has announced the first details for a substantial lineup of organized play events, including the launch of official tournaments in the US and Europe, both of which will lead into a world championship next year.

A press release from Ravensburger detailed that the popular TCG’s inaugural competitive circuit will commence in May 2024 for US and European players. Clarification on whether this includes the UK is pending. The Disney Lorcana Challenge will encompass regional qualifiers leading up to championships for each geographical area.

Players will start their competitive journey at regional events hosted at local game stores and other sanctioned venues. The Challenge Events will offer an opportunity to secure qualifications for the North American or European Championship, with the top four winners of each event automatically invited to the national championships.

The North American and European Championships are scheduled for Q4 2024, according to Ravensburger. These championships will feature the best players who will compete for a spot at the top. The elite players will then have the opportunity to compete in the World Championship 2025, the date and location of which are yet to be announced.

In March, Ravensburger and Disney plan to release more information about Lorcana’s first competitive season, including a complete schedule of events, registration details at the regional level, qualification processes, and what participants can expect in terms of prize cards and other awards. This marks a significant milestone for a TCG that is less than a year old and initially catered more to Disney collectors than seasoned competitive players.

For those who enjoy deck building and strategy but with less intensity, Ravensburger is introducing Set Championships in LGS organized play starting in April. These smaller-scale events will be centered around each Lorcana set, offering unique rewards for winners.

In the upcoming Into the Inklands Championship, participants will have a chance to win a unique Enchanted Stitch – Rock Star Promo card (pictured above) as the grand prize, with the top two players securing playmats featuring the promotional card’s artwork. Keep in mind that only organized play-approved stores will be eligible to host these set-specific championships, and Ravensburger will provide new prize support for each subsequent release. Retailers interested in hosting set championships can find more information in late February.

In addition to these championships, Ravensburger has unveiled the release dates for the next three Lorcana sets, extending throughout 2024. This schedule fulfills the publisher’s commitment to release four expansions annually, a bold achievement reflecting a decade of meticulous planning by the TCG’s design team.

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