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Premium MTG proxy printing service, featuring high-quality cards printed on S33 German Black core cardstock.
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Two Ways to Print MTG Proxy Cards

Our card finder is the easiest way to print proxies. You can upload your deck list, browse sets, or search for specific cards. We will print high-quality Magic proxies using our database of real artwork from virtually any card.

Or you can use our simple tools to upload your own designs for the front and back of the cards you want. Perfect for those who create custom card art or have their own high-resolution scans or files. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

MTG proxy cards are non-official replicas or substitutes for Magic: The Gathering cards, often used for casual play, testing decks, or in situations where players don’t own the actual card. They are not legal in official tournament play and are primarily used for practice, learning, or in casual gaming environments where players agree on their use.

Family-owned and operated, has been producing millions of custom playing cards, card games, and tarot & flash cards for clients worldwide since 1999.

Choose for your custom mtg print cards because we offer high-quality printing that captures the intricate details of your designs, ensuring your proxies look as close to the real thing as possible. Our state-of-the-art technology, coupled with a commitment to customer satisfaction, allows for customization, fast turnaround, and competitive pricing, making us an ideal choice for players seeking to enhance their gaming experience with personalized, visually appealing proxies.

Dive into the entire MTG world with’s custom printed MTG proxy cards, your go-to solution for accessing every card in the Magic deck universe. Our service is perfect for those who love playing Magic but want to avoid the high cost of expensive cards, especially older cards that are hard to find.

Our amazing proxy booster packs are designed to bring the full Magic experience to your game table. Each MTG proxy card is printed with precision, ensuring they closely mimic the real card in both look and feel. Whether you’re building a new deck or upgrading an existing one, our proxy cards are the best option for a truly unmatched Magic playing experience.

The process of creating your own card is simple. You can import your deck list or choose individual cards from our extensive library, which includes original art and detailed images. These proxies are not just cheap alternatives; they’re a fantastic way to test out new decks, share with friends, or even join a community game without breaking the bank.

Our proxies are printed on quality material that matches the dimensions and feel of a normal card, ensuring they shuffle and handle just like the real thing. The back face of each card is designed to be compatible with standard Magic sleeves, making them a great option for collectors and players alike.

We also offer fast shipping, so you don’t have to wait long to receive your custom proxy cards. Orders are processed quickly, and with our reliable shipping, you can expect your new deck to arrive in perfect condition, ready to be sleeved and played.

At, we understand the Magic community’s needs and strive to provide a service that’s not just about purchasing cards, but about enhancing your overall Magic experience. Check out our website, select your desired cards, upload your artwork, and get ready to experience Magic like never before with our high-quality MTG proxy cards.

You can easily create a full deck of MTG proxies with us! Simply choose the magic cards you want from our extensive library or upload a PDF of your decklist. You can customize each card to include your own images and designs, ensuring a truly unmatched experience.

Absolutely! Our service allows you to print proxy cards of even the rarest and most expensive MTG cards. This is a great way to save money while still enjoying the game with a full deck. Our printed proxies are high quality and provide a similar feel to original cards.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality MTG proxies. Our cards are printed on premium cardstock, ensuring durability and a professional finish. The card backs are carefully designed to resemble the original MTG cards, and the images are clear and not blurry, giving you a proxy that’s close to the real thing.

Yes, we do! You have the option to upload your own artwork or select from our pre-designed arts. This allows you to customize your deck to your own style, whether it’s for a commander format or just for fun. You can preview and modify your custom cards before ordering to ensure they meet your expectations.

Ordering is straightforward: pick your cards, customize them, and add them to your cart. Once you place your order, we’ll print and cut your cards. They are then packaged and shipped out. Our shipping is fast and reliable, with tracking available, so you’ll receive your proxies quickly and in excellent condition.

S33 German Black Core Cardstock is a premium quality cardstock known for its superior smooth finish and exceptional durability. This cardstock is uniquely constructed by sandwiching a black opaque adhesive core between two layers of paper. The black core is an integral part of the design, as it effectively blocks light rays from shining through the cards, enhancing the opacity and providing a distinctive look and feel.

The S33 cardstock is particularly favored for its extra smooth finish, which not only contributes to a cleaner appearance but also ensures vivid color contrast for any graphics printed on it. This quality makes it an ideal choice for game card creators and other applications where top-notch visual appeal and card quality are essential. The cardstock’s construction also contributes to its durability, making it a reliable choice for products that require longevity and frequent handling.

This type of cardstock is a popular choice in the gaming industry, especially for designers who demand the highest quality for their card games. Its properties ensure a smooth handling experience, and the black core layer plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and appearance of the cards over time.

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Print Bleed and Safe Area Explained

Print Bleed

Print bleed refers to the extension of content beyond the actual dimensions of the print area to ensure a seamless edge. To accommodate print bleed, an additional 72 pixels are removed from each dimension (36 pixels from each side, based on a 300DPI image). This means that 36 pixels from each side of your uploaded images may be cut off. If your image is 900DPI, then the bleed area for each side increases to 108 pixels (3x36px). This industry-standard practice allows for edge-to-edge printing without inconsistent white gaps.

Safe Area

The Safe Area is delineated by a red dotted line and accounts for 36 pixels on each side for a 300DPI image. It’s crucial to keep text and other vital elements of your design, image, or photo within the Safe Area to avoid them being trimmed during production. Content outside the safe area might be cut off. Rest assured, everything inside the safe area will remain intact. Note that the red dotted line is only a guide for your reference and will not be printed.

Key Takeaway

Ensure that all essential elements you want printed are inside the red dotted lines. There’s a slight chance that anything between the yellow border and red dotted line may be trimmed during production.