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Custom Trading Cards

Printiverse offers an innovative service for designing and printing custom trading cards.

Custom Trading Cards

Printiverse offers an innovative service for designing and printing custom trading cards. Capture memorable moments or create unique collectibles with ease.​
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How to Print Trading Cards

Two ways to make your own custom Trading Cards.

Our card designer is the easiest way to print custom trading cards. It’s easy to design your own custom card using our simple online tools. Add images, text, and more so your sports and trading cards turn out just right.

Or you can use our simple tools to upload your own designs for the front and back of the cards you want. Perfect for those who already have custom card designs or have their own high-resolution scans or files. 

How It Works

Add and Manipulate Text

With just a few clicks, our tools let you fine-tune and add personality to your designs to make a big, bold statement.

Free Images or Upload Your Own

Our card Design Studio gives you free access to thousands of artist-made graphics and templates that are fully customizable. And when you need to drop in your own logo, you can do that too with a quick upload.

Design Amazing Color Schemes

Pick from 50+ colors in our curated collection or we can find a match for your uploaded image.


The most common questions, answered.

Unparalleled Variety for Every Occasion: At, we understand that every card serves a unique purpose. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, promoting your business, or diving into the world of gaming, our extensive range includes holiday cards, business cards, gaming cards, board game cards, and proxy cards. We cater to all your needs under one roof.

Our custom trading card templates are easy-to-use, customizable designs that you can use to create your own trading cards. Whether you’re into sports, Pokemon, or any other type of collectible card, our templates allow you to design and print cards that meet your specific needs and preferences.

Our templates are designed with user-friendliness in mind. They are intuitive and straightforward, making it easy for anyone, regardless of design experience, to create professional-looking trading cards.

Our templates are fully customizable. You can add your own images, text, and design elements to make your trading cards unique.

Custom baseball cards from are perfect for players, coaches, teams, fans, and collectors. Whether you’re capturing a memorable season, creating unique player profiles, or producing collectibles for a fan base, our design and print service offers a personalized and professional solution. With high-quality prints, customizable designs, and no minimum order requirement, our service caters to a wide range of needs, making it ideal for individual enthusiasts, sports teams, memorabilia creators, and promotional events in the baseball community.

You can create a wide variety of trading cards, including sports cards, Pokemon cards, and any other custom card you can think of. Our templates are versatile and adaptable to your specific card creation needs. Plus reach out, if you want our design team to create a custom template for you.

We pride ourselves on the high quality of our printed trading cards. We use top-of-the-line printing technology and materials to ensure that your cards are vibrant, durable, and professional in appearance.

The total time from design submission to delivery varies but typically takes about 1-2 weeks. This includes design processing, printing, and shipping. Expedited options may be available if you need your cards sooner.

Create Your Own Custom Trading Cards: High-Quality & Personalized

Looking to create unique custom trading cards? Whether you’re aiming to showcase your artwork, build a personal brand, or just share a fun design with friends, this guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to craft your personalized cards from the ground up. Learn about design, printing options, and packaging without the fluff – all tailored to help you impress with every card.

Key Takeaways

  • offers customizable trading cards with user-friendly templates and extensive design options, allowing customers to personalize nearly every aspect, from imagery to fine details.

  • Highest printing standards are maintained at, with paper quality options, a variety of finishing touches, and an in-house design team to assist with tailor-made designs and proof approvals.

  • A flexible order system with no minimum requirements and competitive bulk pricing at caters to both small individual orders and larger quantities, whilst also providing packaging options to enhance presentation.

Designing Your Custom Trading Cards at with our easy to use and edit templates

Custom trading cards being designed on a computer

Designing your own custom trading cards, collectible cards and personalized cards has never been easier thanks to the user-friendly templates provided by Whether you’re an experienced designer or new to the process, their intuitive design platform offers a seamless experience for bringing your creative ideas to life. With a diverse selection of pre-designed templates available, it’s simple to find one that fits with your vision.

The range of customization options on offer at this platform allows you to create truly unique sets of trading card designs. You can either select from existing templates or upload your own custom designs in order to get started right away. The power is firmly placed in hands as every tiny detail can be carefully designed through, resulting in each and every card becoming its very own masterpiece.

Choosing a Theme

Selecting a theme for your custom trading cards is undoubtedly the most thrilling aspect of designing them. The chosen theme serves as the heart and soul of your cards, dictating their overall design, artwork, and story. Whether you’re an avid sports fan looking to create football-themed trading cards or someone with a love for fantasy wanting to bring mystical Pokemon characters to life on these collectible items, there are infinite possibilities.

When it comes to choosing a theme for your trading card set, consider finding one that not only reflects personal interests but also resonates with a larger audience. For instance, popular themes like sports icons/teams/comic book superheroes/animals tend to have widespread appeal. Adding touches such as rounded corners can elevate the look and feel of these printed products significantly.In fact, stamping cool borders might make a bigger impact in appealing collectors’ hearts.

At, we offer top-notch printing services including customized high-quality trading card sets catering to various themes,niches,and passions.Be sure our designs will stand out from mass produced ones!

Selecting Images

Once you have decided on a theme, your next step is to select suitable images for your trading cards. The use of high-quality images is crucial in capturing the essence of your chosen theme and making visually appealing cards. At, users can either upload their own pictures or choose from the platform’s collection of free images to incorporate into personalized trading cards.

It is important to pick high-resolution images when printing custom trading cards for optimal print quality. For best results with, we recommend using 300 DPI resolution and image dimensions of 816 x 1110 pixels per card. You can also make adjustments to contrast and brightness using photo editing software if needed.

Creating unique playing cards with customized designs and photos has never been easier thanks to our streamlined process at

Incorporating Relevant Information

To create a trading card that captures attention, you need to focus on more than just the visual appeal. Along with eye-catching designs and images, it is important to include relevant information such as the theme or concept of your cards, text descriptions, and unique design elements like character names and abilities.

Including this type of content requires careful planning and precise execution. Here are some tips to help guide your design process.

  • Use a font size that is easy to read but can accommodate all necessary details.

  • Aim for a 10-12 pt font for close-up reading while choosing 24pt for distant viewing.

When creating custom trading cards such as those featuring football players’ statistics and special skills, it adds value by making them informative in addition to being one-of-a-kind.The incorporation must be done carefully, and following guidelines would prove helpful.For example, the recommended font sizes will vary depending on how far they’re intended from the end user.With regards to using copyrighted materials,following limitations may apply with respecttotopictures,names, symbols, and logos without procuring an authorization.

While designing personalized trading cards, don’t forget that simply appealing visuals are not sufficient.Alongside creative graphics, incorporating essential material should also be a priority.This includes features related to allability.One thing worth noting is the player‘s inherent abilities which should be represented across the card set.Imagine presenting infographics about say, a Football team’s member.Include bios relevant ability characteristics might just result in crafting smarttrade items.And it’s important to remember unintended infringement.What many rememberincludesstealing intellectual property which shouldn’t feature unless owners’ have provided explicit consent.As each tradingcardisdesigned, every effort is made to tread off the ground limit(ations) where neither party shall have issues issuing nor receiving courts orders or encroachmentsuites.

Printing Options for Custom Trading Cards at

Variety of paper types for custom trading cards

Once your unique trading card designs are complete, it’s time to bring them to life through printing. offers a variety of options for customizing your printing experience based on your specific needs and preferences. From selecting the appropriate paper type to choosing print quality and adding finishing touches, guarantees excellent results when it comes to creating high-quality printed trading cards.

The choice of paper is essential as it can greatly impact the final appearance and overall quality of your personalized trading cards. At, you have the option between 14 pt Glossy Cardstock or High-Quality S33 cardstock when printing custom trading cards. Their top-notch printing services are specifically tailored for producing exceptional customized playing cards that will leave a lasting impression.

Paper Types

The selection of paper for trading cards can significantly impact the printing results. Certain papers may produce noticeable improvements in print quality, while others might not have as much effect. Differences in card stock thickness can also play a role in the overall appearance and durability of the cards. Typically made with trading card paper or heavy-duty cardstock like 14-pt or 16-pt options, custom trading cards require careful consideration when choosing between materials.

Not only does it affect their value and desirability, but the quality and thickness of card stock is crucial to creating impressive custom trading cards. At, customers have two choices: glossy 14 pt Cardstock or premium S33 option for printing these unique collectibles. With this variety available, you can select a suitable paper type that will meet both your design preferences and expectations regarding printed results.

Print Quality

When it comes to custom trading cards, the quality of print is crucial. Not only does a high-quality print enhance the design’s visual appeal, but it also directly affects the value and desirability of these cards in the gaming industry. The type and thickness of card stock used are important factors that can greatly impact its overall attractiveness.

Several elements contribute to achieving top-notch print quality on trading cards.

  • The surface condition

  • Edges’ neatness

  • Corners’ sharpness

  • Centering accuracy

  • Overall material and printing excellence

To ensure crisp and clear images, an image resolution with a minimum requirement of 300 dpi is recommended for customized trading cards.

Finishing Touches

Finishing touches for trading cards

The last step of the printing process is adding finishing touches to trading cards. These options greatly improve their appearance and make them stand out. At, there are various choices for customizing trading card finishes such as matte or glossy surfaces, holographic prints, foil stamping with metallic accents, and lamination.

By selecting different finishing styles on your custom printed cards, you will give a unique touch making them more distinctive among others. For instance, a gloss finish adds shine like glass. If you prefer an elegant look, then choose matt surface which has less reflection effect overall giving a minimalist tone.Foil embellishments enhance branding features by creating shiny embossed designs that grab attention right away.

In conclusion, the variety of finishes available at can significantly improve the visual appeal of your customized trading cards.By choosing either Glossy or Matt coatings – depending upon personal preference – you can add personalized style factor.Anyway, foil stamping highlights crucial design elements aiding in drawing immediate interest towards what’s important about those specifically designed pieces.The Holographic Printing feature simply takes aesthetics to another level altogether.

Custom Designs and In-House Design Team Support offers a user-friendly platform for designing and printing your own custom trading cards. While the process is simple, there may be times when you need professional assistance. This is where our skilled in-house design team comes in to help bring your ideas to life.

Whether it’s creating original designs or refining existing ones,’s designers are always available to collaborate with you and ensure that your unique vision is realized on high-quality printed cards. They also provide support throughout the proof approval stage and work efficiently towards a quick turnaround time for all custom trading card orders.

Custom Design Process has a streamlined custom design process to make creating your own trading cards stress-free. The first step is using their easy-to-use card designer tool, where you can personalize and customize your unique deck of cards. You have the freedom to choose from various options such as fantasy-themed designs or showcasing your favorite sports team.

The platform offers multiple ways for extensive personalization of your trading cards.

  • Easily uploading already made designs

  • Choosing from a wide selection of templates

  • Experimenting with different themes

  • Adding in personalized photographs and graphics

At, there are no limits on what you can create.

Proof Approval

The proof approval stage is a critical step in the print process for your cards. It allows you to review and make any necessary adjustments before the final printing begins, ensuring that your end product meets all of your requirements.

At, we have made our proof approval process easy and efficient. After creating designs using our online card designer tool, proofs will be sent via email for your examination. Once approved by you, production can begin.

Maintaining high quality during this stage involves utilizing creative design choices, selecting a top-notch printing method, and making use of high-resolution proofs to ensure accurate color matching in the final printed product.

Turnaround Time

At, we strive to offer competitive turnaround times for our custom trading card orders. As soon as your proofs are approved, the printing and preparation process begins promptly within a few business days. This is in line with industry standards of 1 to 7 business days, ensuring that you receive your cards on time for any game or event.

For those who require expedited services, offers options for faster production and delivery of custom trading cards. The overall turnaround time depends on various factors such as order placement date, proof approval timeline, and standard processing times set by the printing company.

No matter if you need a rush gift or getting ready for an upcoming tournament, trust us at to deliver your high-quality customized trading cards efficiently.

Packaging and Presentation Options

Custom packaging options for trading cards

Proper packaging for your custom trading cards is just as crucial as the quality of the cards themselves. Not only does it ensure their safe arrival, but it also adds to the overall presentation and unboxing experience. At, we recognize this importance and provide a range of options for packaging your trading cards such as clear plastic sleeves, cardboard tuck boxes, plastic card cases, and custom printed boxes.

These various choices not only protect your valuable cards during shipment, but also enhance their visual appeal upon delivery to customers. You can trust to offer both standard and customized solutions for packaging your trading card products based on personal preference or branding needs.

Whether you prefer traditional packing methods or wish to create a unique unboxing encounter with personalized packages that feature our distinct printing designs tailored speciallyforyourcard collections at, yourneedsaremetwithvarietyandquality.Customers will surely appreciate receiving well-packaged trading cards which promise the protection of their collectibles while also offering an enjoyable presentation.Whenit comes to the printing products you love to collect, such as baseball cards, you can trust your printers.

Standard Packaging offers a range of packaging options to ensure your trading cards are delivered safely to your doorstep. These standard packaging choices include thin wrap, hard plastic sleeves, and heat sealable bags which effectively protect your cards during shipping.

Aside from their protective function, these packaging options also give off a clean and professional appearance. With’s reliable packing methods, you can have peace of mind knowing that your trading cards will arrive in pristine condition for you to enjoy.

Custom Packaging Solutions

If you want to make your trading cards stand out and enhance the unboxing experience, look no further Than They offer a variety of options for custom packaging that will help your cards truly shine.

From unique box designs to foil wrapping, has everything you need to elevate the packaging of your trading cards. You can even incorporate your brand into the design or create specialized cardboard boxes for storage – all with just one stop at With their services, rest assured that not only are your cards impressive, but also their packaging is equally exceptional.

Personalized Branding

The inclusion of branding on trading cards is a crucial factor to consider, just as it is with any other product. At, we offer the option for personalized branding on your trading and business cards through our card designer tool. This allows you to incorporate elements such as brand colors, logo and other visuals into the design process resulting in unique custom-made cards that are easily distinguishable.

Personalized branding has proven to be an effective way of establishing a consistent and recognizable image for businesses or events represented by their merchandise, especially when used on items like promotional trading or business cards created using our platform at Custom designs aimed at impressing clients during corporate affairs or marketing activities focused specifically around showcasing your brand identity. This makes certain they leave a lasting impression about who you are and what your company represents.

Minimum Order Requirements and Pricing

When it comes to creating and printing your own trading cards, cost is an important factor to consider. At, they understand that everyone has different needs and budgets. That’s why their pricing options are flexible and cater to a diverse range of customers. can accommodate the needs of all types of individuals or businesses when it comes to custom trading card orders – from hobbyists requiring small quantities, all the way up to bulk requests. They have no minimum order requirement which means you can even order just one card if needed! For larger orders, there are discounts available so you get more value for your money with each printed card.

Minimum Order Quantities – order as little as one card!

With, you have the freedom to order as few or as many cards as you need. This means that even if it’s just one card for a new design or a special occasion, there is no minimum requirement. You can take advantage of this flexibility by trying out various designs without having to commit to a large batch.

For those who are new to creating custom trading cards, this option provides great value. It allows beginners to test their designs and see how they look when printed before placing larger orders. By doing so, necessary adjustments can be made beforehand with ease.

Bulk Discounts

At, customers placing bulk orders for custom trading cards can take advantage of attractive discounts. These savings are available for orders of 300 or more cards and help make larger purchases more cost-effective.

The amount of discount received depends on the number of cards ordered. For example, quantities between 300 and 399 will be priced at $0.701 per card. As the quantity increases, so does the discount offered, ensuring you get excellent value for your money with large orders.

Price Comparison

Comparison of custom trading card prices

When searching for a suitable platform to create custom trading cards, it is essential to compare prices in order to get the best value for your investment. While direct price comparisons between and its competitors are not readily available, customers can refer to pricing ranges on other websites.

For example, at sets of 5 cards start from $15.63 while sets of 75 cards cost $75.00. When considering these prices, it’s important to keep in mind additional expenses such as investing in high-quality printing and cutting equipment as well as potential fees for expedited shipping options for faster delivery.


Custom trading cards in the world of card collecting offer a chance to craft something special and personal. By selecting a theme, images, relevant information, paper type, print quality and finishing touches through’s interactive platform, designing your custom trading cards is an exciting journey full of creativity.

Whether you are an enthusiast, collector or looking for unique marketing tools for your business. Custom trading cards provide limitless possibilities. With user-friendly design options from combined with expert guidance from in-house designers, flexible order requirements & reasonable pricing, creating personalized branded merchandise has never been easier! Don’t wait any longer- start designing your own customized trade today with us to experience the joy that comes along while crafting something truly one-of-a-kind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make your own trading cards?

It is possible to create custom trading cards by utilizing materials such as paper, a pencil, markers, and scissors. To these basic supplies, you may also include other elements like stickers or photographs for your desired artwork.

Opting for thick paper options including index cards, construction paper or card stock will result in sturdier and higher quality tradeable pieces. These specially made card stocks are perfect for crafting unique and personalized playing cards that can be cherished over time.

What size are trading cards printed on?

The standard size for trading cards is 2.5 x 3.5 inches, as it allows for convenient storage in albums or sleeves while also allowing enough space to display artwork and text effectively on the card’s surface.

What is the minimum order quantity for custom trading cards at

Custom trading cards can be easily ordered at, without any minimum quantity requirement. This gives you the flexibility to order as few as a single card according to your needs. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, our platform allows you to create unique experiences.

What are the bulk discount rates offered by for custom trading cards?

At, customers can take advantage of a discounted bulk rate of $0.701 per card for orders ranging from 300 to 399 custom trading cards. This offer applies specifically to the purchase of individualized trading cards in quantities within this range at our website.

What are the steps involved in creating custom packaging for trading cards?

For the creation of custom packaging for your trading cards, first choose a specific theme or idea and proceed to design personalized boxes or foil packaging. This will add an individualized and distinctive element to your cards’ presentation.

Print Bleed and Safe Area Explained

Print Bleed

Print bleed refers to the extension of content beyond the actual dimensions of the print area to ensure a seamless edge. To accommodate print bleed, an additional 72 pixels are removed from each dimension (36 pixels from each side, based on a 300DPI image). This means that 36 pixels from each side of your uploaded images may be cut off. If your image is 900DPI, then the bleed area for each side increases to 108 pixels (3x36px). This industry-standard practice allows for edge-to-edge printing without inconsistent white gaps.

Safe Area

The Safe Area is delineated by a red dotted line and accounts for 36 pixels on each side for a 300DPI image. It’s crucial to keep text and other vital elements of your design, image, or photo within the Safe Area to avoid them being trimmed during production. Content outside the safe area might be cut off. Rest assured, everything inside the safe area will remain intact. Note that the red dotted line is only a guide for your reference and will not be printed.

Key Takeaway

Ensure that all essential elements you want printed are inside the red dotted lines. There’s a slight chance that anything between the yellow border and red dotted line may be trimmed during production.