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10 Most Valuable 1991 Topps Baseball Cards

The 1991 MLB season is perhaps best remembered for the epic World Series between the Minnesota Twins and the Atlanta Braves. However, the release of the 1991 Topps baseball card set also ranks highly among collectors. The design of the cards was simple — gray cardboard, a color border matching the team’s uniform, the team’s nickname in the bottom right corner, and a “Topps 40 Years of Baseball” logo in the top left — yet it continues to resonate with collectors.

While many of the set’s most memorable cards featured traditional vertical layouts (like the Chipper Jones card), some of the most famous were horizontal (such as the Roger Clemens card). Unfortunately, the vast print run of the 792-card collection limits the value of most cards. Nevertheless, PSA 10s of the following cards still command respectable prices.

The Most Valuable 1991 Topps MLB Cards

Chipper Jones #333
The young man staring stoically from this card would become a 468-home-run-hitting, MVP-winning Hall of Famer. The Braves likely foresaw his potential, choosing the Florida native as the first overall pick in the 1990 MLB Draft.

Ken Griffey Jr. #790
This action shot of Griffey post-swing is often underrated in his collection of cards. However, collectors recognize its value, with this gem mint card consistently selling between $80 and $100.

Nolan Ryan #1
Topps is known for its vertical images, and this card of Ryan exemplifies that tradition. It captures the legendary pitcher uncoiled after delivering another fast pitch, creating a perfect card that still sells frequently.

Tony Gwynn #180
Remarkable not just for its $60 value, this card from Gwynn’s 10th season also highlights some of the Padres legend’s impressive hitting stats.

Frank Thomas #79
Known for his consistency at the plate, The Big Hurt has also proven reliable in the card market. This ’91 Topps card sold for $47 around Thanksgiving 2021 and again for approximately $60 near Valentine’s Day 2022.

Rickey Henderson #670
Capturing MLB’s stolen base king in his dynamic, dust-filled, head-first slide, this card is unmatched in coolness.

Ozzie Smith #130
By the ’91 season, Smith had already earned 11 Gold Gloves. This card is special because it shows the Wizard’s base-running skills, an often-underappreciated aspect of his game.

Randy Johnson #225
Towering over seven feet on the mound, Johnson was an imposing figure. This close-up shot adds another dimension to the mystique of The Big Unit.

Roger Clemens #530
As one of the most memorable cards in the ’91 Topps set, this horizontal gem features Clemens posing in front of Fenway Park’s famous scoreboard. Its value, regularly exceeding $40, may be partly due to nostalgia.

Bo Jackson #600
It’s no surprise that this stunning card of Bo Jackson racing around the bases made the list. Almost every PSA 10 card featuring him — whether in baseball or football — is considered a collectible.

Highlights of the 1991 MLB Season

The 1991 MLB season was a remarkable one with several highlights:

  1. World Series: The Minnesota Twins defeated the Atlanta Braves in a thrilling World Series, which was unique in that every game was won by the home team. The series was decided in the extra innings of Game 7, making it one of the most memorable World Series in history.
  2. Regular Season Standings: The Minnesota Twins led the American League West, while the Toronto Blue Jays topped the AL East. In the National League, the Atlanta Braves and Pittsburgh Pirates were the leaders of the West and East divisions, respectively.
  3. Player Achievements: Notable individual performances included Cecil Fielder of the Detroit Tigers leading in home runs (44) and RBIs (133). Roger Clemens of the Boston Red Sox had the best ERA in the league at 2.62 and tied for the most strikeouts (241) with David Cone of the New York Mets. Rickey Henderson of the Oakland Athletics led in stolen bases with 58.
  4. Postseason Play: In the National League Championship Series (NLCS), the Atlanta Braves overcame the Pittsburgh Pirates in a tightly contested series, which went to seven games. The NLCS featured strong pitching performances and intense competition.
  5. Historic Achievements: Both the Twins and Braves made history by going from last place in their respective divisions in the previous year to winning their divisions and making it to the World Series in 1991. This remarkable turnaround highlighted the unpredictability and excitement of baseball.
  6. Hall of Fame Inductees: The season also saw the induction of notable players into the Baseball Hall of Fame, commemorating their contributions to the sport.

Overall, the 1991 MLB season was a mix of dramatic comebacks, intense playoff battles, and exceptional individual performances, making it a standout season in baseball history

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