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Disney Lorcana 2024 Set Release Schedule

Disney Lorcana, the trading card game by Ravensburger, has outlined its plans for its 2024 releases. Following the initial expansion, “Into the Inklands,” the game will introduce three additional sets throughout the year. The release dates for these sets are as follows:

  1. Into the Inklands: Launching in local game stores on February 23rd and in wider retail including supermarkets and online on March 8th. This follows the staggered release pattern used for previous sets.
  2. Fourth Set: Set for release on May 17th in local stores, with wider availability starting May 31st.
  3. Fifth Set: Scheduled to arrive in local game stores on August 9th, and in broader retail on August 23rd.
  4. Sixth Set: Planned for release in local shops on November 15th, and in general retail from November 29th.

New Lorcana Starter Set

Additionally, Disney Lorcana TCG is launching a two-player starter set named “Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway.” This set is aimed at beginners and offers a structured learning experience. Players begin with simplified 30-card decks and gradually add more cards as they progress through the game’s tutorials. By the end of this process, they will have constructed full 60-card decks suitable for standard play.

The Gateway starter set, aside from the decks and rules guides, will include a game board and character standees. The specific use of these items in conjunction with the card-driven gameplay is not yet detailed. The Disney Lorcana TCG Gateway set is scheduled for release on August 9th, priced at $19.99.

Addressing Stock Shortages

To address the issues of stock shortages and price inflation observed in earlier sets, Ravensburger has committed to making efforts to ensure product availability at the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP). The new sets, starting from “Into the Inklands,” will be supported by in-store tournaments known as Set Championships beginning in April. These tournaments will feature prizes like playmats and Enchanted-rarity promo cards. Additionally, these local tournaments will lead up to regional championships and qualifiers in Europe and North America, culminating in a World Championship event planned for 2025.

This information reflects the growing popularity of the Disney Lorcana TCG and its expanding presence in the trading card game market.

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