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Unparalleled Variety for Every Occasion: At, we understand that every card serves a unique purpose. Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, promoting your business, or diving into the world of gaming, our extensive range includes holiday cards, business cards, gaming cards, board game cards, and proxy cards. We cater to all your needs under one roof.

Lorcana is a trading card game (TCG) developed by Ravensburger in collaboration with Disney. It marks Disney’s first significant venture into the TCG space. The game features an immersive world where players assume the roles of powerful mages known as Illumineers. As an Illumineer, players use six types of magical ink to bring iconic Disney heroes, villains, songs, and items to life, creating a unique gameplay experience that combines strategy and the beloved Disney universe.

The cards in Lorcana feature both familiar Disney characters and some that have been fantastically reimagined, offering a fresh take on the classic characters. The game has various sets, such as “Rise of the Floodborn” and “The First Chapter,” each introducing new cards and themes. The gameplay and rules are designed to be accessible to new players, collectors, and experienced TCG players, making it a versatile game for a wide audience.

For more detailed information on how to play, the mechanics of the game, and the different sets available, you can visit the official Disney Lorcana website by Ravensburger.

The rules complexity is considered low, while the strategic depth is medium, making it accessible to a broad range of players.

Yes, Lorcana features various card types including Characters, Songs, Items, Actions, and the newly introduced Location cards.

Location cards are a new addition in the “Into the Inklands” set. They add a new dimension to the game, providing strategic depth and thematic elements.

Location cards become active as soon as they enter play. Characters can move onto locations to utilize their effects, with certain movement costs involved. Locations also earn players Lore at the beginning of their turn.

“Into the Inklands” is scheduled for release on February 23, 2024.

Ravensburger plans to release four core sets annually as part of their 10-year plan to support the game’s long-term future.

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