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Lorcana Introduces Location Cards in Third Set

In its upcoming third set, “Into the Inklands,” Disney Lorcana, the well-known trading card game that Ravensburger and Disney jointly developed, will introduce a new card type. Steve Warner, the game’s lead designer, revealed this during a Q&A session on the official Disney Lorcana Discord server.

About Disney Lorcana:

  • Players: 2-6
  • Rules Complexity: Low
  • Strategic Depth: Medium
  • Publisher: Ravensburger

The new card type, Location cards, was originally part of the game’s design concept. These cards will add a new layer of complexity to the limited gameplay and allow for deeper thematic experiences in constructed decks. The first glimpse of these cards was seen in the “Into the Inklands” set, specifically with “The Forbidden Castle” location card.

The Location cards, like other card types in Lorcana, will have an Ink cost and some can be Inkable, meaning they can be converted into the game’s primary resource. This resource is essential for casting powerful Characters, Songs, Items, and Actions. Locations are active as soon as they enter play and don’t require a “drying” period. Characters can move onto locations to take advantage of their effects, albeit with a Move cost.

Characters and Locations are not exerted when moved, but there are restrictions on movement between Locations and the battlefield. The introduction of Locations in Lorcana is significant as they earn players Lore at the start of their turn, based on the total symbols on active Locations. This makes Locations a strategic target for opponents. Characters can challenge Locations directly without receiving damage in return. However, Locations are immune to card effects that specify characters.

The Location cards offer a range of benefits, either passive or triggered, and some may not have apparent effects until combined with certain Characters or other cards. The “Into the Inklands” set is designed to include Characters and cards that interact with Locations, and this design philosophy is expected to continue in future sets.

This addition to the game is part of a broader strategy by Ravensburger to enhance Lorcana‘s gameplay. The “Into the Inklands” set is scheduled for release on February 23, 2024. It follows the “Rise of the Floodborn” set, which addressed distribution issues from the initial “The First Chapter” set. Ravensburger plans to release four core sets annually as part of a 10-year plan to support Lorcana’s long-term future.

For more detailed information and the latest updates on Disney Lorcana, players and fans can follow discussions on the official Discord channel

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