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MTG Arena Announcement Roundup

Wizards of the Coast has released their latest weekly announcement for MTG Arena, packed with exciting news and upcoming events for players. Here’s a quick roundup of what’s happening:

  1. Alchemy: Ixalan Arrives Tomorrow (December 5): The Lost Caverns of Ixalan is bringing 30 new cards to MTG Arena, enhancing the Alchemy and Historic formats. Players can view all the cards in the Alchemy: Ixalan Card Image Gallery.
  2. Festival in a Box Chaos Sealed Event (December 8): U.S. players can win a physical Festival in a Box: Las Vegas 2023 this Friday by achieving six wins in the event. The box includes a plethora of items like Mystery Booster, Secret Lair drops, and a variety of Draft Boosters. Note: Participants must be 18 or older and U.S. residents.
  3. Twitch Rivals Announcement (December 4 at Noon PT): Tune in to Twitch Rivals for a showdown between sixteen streamers, including pro Magic the Gathering players and newcomers, with an exciting announcement scheduled during the event.
  4. Khans of Tarkir Coming Next Week: Historic and Explorer fans will soon enjoy over 200 new-to-MTG Arena cards from the popular draft set Khans of Tarkir.
  5. Introducing Timeless, a New MTG Arena Format: A new Constructed format called Timeless is launching, featuring every card on MTG Arena, including fetch lands from Khans of Tarkir.
  6. December 4, 2023, Banned and Restricted Announcement: No changes to Standard, but some updates in Pioneer, affecting the Explorer format on MTG Arena. Cards banned in Pioneer available on MTG Arena are also banned in Explorer.
  7. Last Qualifier Weekend for Arena Championship 5 (December 8-10): The final Qualifier Weekend of 2023, featuring The Lost Caverns of Ixalan Sealed Deck format, offers the last chance to qualify for Arena Championship 5.
  8. Event Schedule:
    • Midweek Magic (December 5–7, 12–14, 19–21): Various formats including Alchemy Cascade, Timeless, and Historic Artisan.
    • Quick Draft (November 23–December 22): The Lost Caverns of Ixalan and Wilds of Eldraine.
    • Other Events: Festival: The Immortal Sun Historic (November 29–December 5), Premier Draft – Alchemy: Ixalan (December 5–22).
    • Qualifier Events: Best-of-Three Qualifier Play-In (December 8), Qualifier Weekend (December 9–10).
    • Arena Open: Khans of Tarkir Limited (December 16-17).
  9. December 2023 Ranked Season Rewards: Ranging from The Lost Caverns of Ixalan packs to gold and exclusive card styles for different ranks.

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