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MTG Card Maker

Design and print your own custom MTG cards. We have a variety of templates and frames that are fully customizable so you can easily create your very own custom Magic cards. Our online tool is easy to use.

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More About Our Magic Card Creator

Introducing the ultimate tool for Magic: The Gathering enthusiasts: our MTG Card Maker! This advanced online application enables you to unleash your creativity and bring your custom card ideas to life. Perfect for both seasoned artists and aspiring developers, our platform is the ideal canvas to express your passion for MTG.

Our user-friendly interface simplifies the addition of mana symbols to reflect casting costs, ensuring that your custom cards integrate seamlessly with official Magic: The Gathering decks. Our extensive selection of card types, including lands, creatures, enchantments, and more, provides you with a full range of options. Additionally, our formatting tools allow you to add a title, subtype, rarity, and the essential flavor text, giving your cards a realistic and professional appearance.

As a community-driven platform, we adhere to Wizards of the Coast LLC’s unofficial fan content policy, enabling you to share your creations with the MTG community while respecting the intellectual property of the original game. Your account gives you access to a gallery where you can display your work, seek inspiration, and interact with other fans.

What sets us apart is our printing service. We print your custom cards in high resolution, matching the size, weight, and thickness of official Magic: The Gathering cards. This ensures that your cards not only look fantastic but also feel authentic in your hand.

Whether you’re enhancing your collection, inventing new gameplay mechanics, or bringing a storyline to life, our MTG Card Maker is the perfect tool. Keep an eye out for new features we regularly add to keep your experience fresh and engaging. And remember, while our service is not officially endorsed by Wizards of the Coast, we are committed to maintaining the spirit and fun of Magic: The Gathering in everything we do.

Start creating your unique deck today – your next Magic adventure awaits!